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ByChronica Apr 14, 2019

La Belgique de Michael Jackson

En juin, on commémorera les 10 ans de la mort de Michael Jackson. Le plus grand artiste de tous les temps est connu pour ses records musicaux, s

ByChronica Feb 14, 2019

New collection and new book: The Backstage Pass Collection

The Chronica Editions are very happy to announce the launch of the English version of its succesfull book collection : « Jackson Collector

ByChronica Feb 14, 2019

Nouveau livre : The Backstage Pass Collection

(This is the page of the french version -black cover- of the book. But it's also released in English -white cover > Click here) Les Edition

ByChronica Aug 28, 2018

The Bad Singles Collection – Available NOW

Chronica Editions are very happy to présent you the first book in it's new collection "Jackson Collector Books Series". Entitled "The Bad Single