The Bad Singles Collection – Available NOW


The Bad Singles Collection – Available NOW

Chronica Editions are very happy to présent you the first book in it’s new collection “Jackson Collector Books Series”. Entitled “The Bad Singles Collection”, the book (in french) is now available for order.

This book, in deluxe edition and limited to 777 copies only, contains 118 pages, entirely dedicated to the pressings of the singles of the album Bad. Categorized by continent and by country, the discs (or cassettes) are listed and, for the most part, presented by small texts of informations full of anecdotes and touches of humor. The references are also mentioned and, to be precise, the different pressings for the same references (“gold stamps”, variants in some scripts, etc.). This is the most accurate book ever released on Bad’s singles collectors!

This guide is intended as an informative tool while being very practical for fans. In addition to the press presentation pages, this book offers you, at the end, a summary, in the form of a listing, of all the pressings. It will be possible for you to check those you own and see, in the twinkling of an eye, those you miss.

You can not take it anymore? Order in a few clicks: (the book is in FRENCH !)

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Reminder: your book is printed once the order is placed. This avoids superfluous impressions (and therefore waste!). But it takes a little more time than an order on a regular site: it takes up to 10 days. After your order, Peecho will send you a confirmation email and a second email when the book is posted. Thank you for your patience !

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SEVERINE PAINPosted on2:08 pm - Sep 18, 2018

je receverais mon livre acheté? dites moi vite svp

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