New collection and new book: The Backstage Pass Collection


New collection and new book: The Backstage Pass Collection

The Chronica Editions are very happy to announce the launch of the English version of its succesfull book collection : « Jackson Collector Books Series ». This series of books will take fans to the heart of Jackson collectors. Whether it’s listing all the collectors of a certain period, or specific themes, this qualitative series will help the fans complete and improve their collection. This book series contains descriptions, information and photos of each collector.

The Jackson Collector Books Series collection is now available in English after its successful release in French in 2018. Each book is released in small size, and deluxe quality. Each new book will be released in a limited amount. Only 777 copies will be released for each new book.

The English book series comes with have a white cover, while the series in French comes in black.

The first book of the collection “Jackson Collector Books Series” in English is called The Backstage Pass Collection dedicated to BACKSTAGE PASSES of  every tours. This book contains 116 pages and includes passes of Michael Jackson, The Jacksons, Janet, Jermaine and 3T. A never before seen ! More than 300 backstage passes of all shapes and colors are listed. An ultimate reference for every fan and collector.

This book is published by “Editions Chronica” with the support of its friendly partners Jackson Source and The MJ Cast.

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Klaus Michael Jackson NeumannPosted on11:00 am - Mar 2, 2019

This is a must have for every MJ fan collectors to have in collection and go read, can’t wait go get my copy… Great it’s now into English too 🙂

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